Sunday, June 24, 2012

VPS: A compromise between virtual server and dedicated server

With the advancement of information technology, the world has seen a tremendous development of internet, so is e-business. Nowadays there are so many on line businesses that more and more of them take virtual server as their web hosing plan. This kind of server has both its pros and cons. Their owners prefer virtual server for sites which have a low to moderate traffic and couldn’t afford the high price a dedicated server may costs. But for those with a high traffic, a dedicated server is the only choice. That seems an easy option, but for some demanding for a steadier, more reliable server with a relatively low price, virtual server is less than efficient, while dedicated one is of high expense. In that situation, the concept, virtual private server, short for VPS, has come into being.

As the concept indicates, free VPS hosting seems like a upgrade of the previous virtual server. There are still hundreds of web sites sharing one drive, but in a more reasonable, reliable way-----By using server virtualization and the technology of automation, the server is partitioned into average parts, so that each account has its own space, separated from others and runs like a physical server. The advantage of free VPS hosting lies in the isolated parts having no affects on each other. It’s so perfectly virtualized that accounts using them have no sense that they are actually in one server. Unlike virtual server, the VPS can provide individual user with isolated operating system, root access, and rebooting features, which is equivalent to a physical server in most respects.

In comparison with virtual server, free VPS has a apparently better performance. As we all know, whether a virtual server works in a good condition largely counts on the accounts about. Whether it is a heavy flow of junk mail or being blacklisted by certain originations, the whole server will be affected till the problem is cleared. That’s only one case, in another case, if hackers break into any of the accounts on the server; they could definitely damage all the accounts on the server, too. But when it comes to free VPS, what have been stated above are out of question. The isolation of the accounts secured the separated users from being attacked by the danger from outer wads. Each account has its own operating system, disk space, memory and root access, which lowered the danger caused by other accounts. You even can’t realize there are other users existing, for you separated one work in a smooth condition with fixed space allocated to it by the server. You could install application downloaded from the web, reboot the system or customize services without affecting other accounts. Considering the price, VPS is just a little higher than virtual server, but the gap is so small that can be neglected given the better performance.

Although not as perfect as the dedicated one, VPS are still competitive in price. It could do eighty percent of the function a dedicated one could achieve, but only half as high as the dedicated one costs-------a compromise between price and function. If your business is under go and your budget is tight, you could have no hesitation to use VPS, which is the best choice currently.