Thursday, August 25, 2011

An Associates Degree May Be A Wise Choice For Students Who Struggle With Funding And GPA Scores

Most high school seniors dream of the day that they can pack their gear and travel to an out of state university. Unfortunately, a small percentage of high school students actually realize their dream. Some lack financial resources and others lack the test scores and GPA rating. What they are left with is a choice of enrolling in a technical school or pursuing an Associates Degree at a nearby community college.

Community colleges offer many advantages to students seeking an Associates Degree. Time spent in a 2-year program give students the ability to concentrate on the standard required classes, such as Psychology, Biology, Algebra, English, and History without the added pressure of concentrated classes. This is especially beneficial if students have yet to decide on a major. They can take electives in between to explore various degree options in case they decide to follow up the Associates Degree with a Bachelors Degree.

Associates Degree programs, especially at local community colleges, have very reasonable tuition rates. Some surveys claim that these programs are less than 1/3 the cost of in-state public university tuition. Students are able to take advantage of government grants, school scholarships, and work-study programs to cover the cost of tuition, student fees, books, and personal expenses. Some students can easily walk away with an Associates Degree without a balance due tag hanging over their head.

An Associates Degree is a great starting place for older, first time college students and single parents. The less restricted structure of a community college and the flexibility of the classes make it fairly easy for this demographic to transition back into a learning environment. The small student-teacher ratio helps to facilitate effective learning for students who have been absent from the education scene for a long period of time.

Community colleges offer non-credit classes that help low GPA students gain a solid foundation before progressing to credit courses. This is especially significant for Math, Reading, and Writing courses. All three subjects are progressive courses, which require students to master the basics before advancing to higher-level courses. Community Colleges have these services readily available to students.

Another vital student service is day care provision. Many of the community colleges have on-campus day care centers that care for children while their parent is in class. This offering is a lifesaver for single parents, as childcare issues is often the determining factor as to whether they can pursue their education aspirations. On-campus daycare services relieve the student-parents of stress and anxiety, which allows them to focus on classroom instruction.

For those who plan to take the next progressive step, an Associates Degree is an entrance ticket into a four-year university of their choice. With an Associates Degree and a community college transcript chocked full of A's and B's, students can apply to any four-year college or university in the country. That is why students should take advantage of all of the learning resources and one-on-one instruction that is typically associated with Community Colleges.

Securing an Associates Degree or an online associate degree can definitely yield great benefits. One chief benefit of this degree program is the exceptionally low tuition. Another is the personalized instruction, fundamental course offerings, and essential tutorial services that help students succeed in every class.

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