Friday, September 2, 2011

The Popularity And Importance Of College Today Is Evident Through The Various Education Options

As job markets are becoming increasingly competitive things are getting more and more muddled. The recession caused many highly qualified professionals to lose their jobs, and they are currently forcing less skilled workers to upgrade their resumes with advanced training. This can be taxing and confusing, and in several ways can make the average employee feel trapped, within their job or within the system itself. This point of view is incredibly detrimental though, and there are so many new and exciting things to consider instead!

For this reason, many campus-based and online colleges are introducing more Ph.D. programs, as well as many other options. What's even better is that many of these programs are in fields that did not traditionally require such advanced degrees, though they may now. However, they are helping job seekers become more competitive in lucrative and exciting career fields. Things may seem bleak but there are ever expanding reasons not to let yourself get despaired.

As many people say now, college is the new high-school. But in a very serious way this may be the truth. In the past many individuals may have argued for perhaps forgoing college all together because the costs outweigh the means, but this is no longer true. The options that are provided by schools these days are boundless anyway, and the choices for funding are also nearly as diverse.

For example, many schools are now offering doctor of business administration (DBA) degrees. A New Jersey-based business school recently began offering the degree, which is designed to help mid-level professionals take their careers to new levels, according to the Press and Journal. This is lucrative new option in a world with an ever-increasing demand for health-care and health professionals.

Master's degrees were formerly the gold standard in business, and practically guaranteed career advancement, or at least a higher degree of desirability. However, in today's competitive job markets, professionals are finding it necessary to return to school for even more advanced degrees such as Ph.D.'s and the like.

Returning to college may seem like no easy task these days, especially for those who are already in the job market. With lower wages and longer hours it may seem like a daunting task to consider. A Ph. D. may seem even further out of reach than a Masters. If an individual already has a job they may feel trapped within it, not even considering higher education. Grasping on to whatever you can get is not the best option though, and flexibility is a worthwhile skill to have in many ways.

There are countless options to consider though, especially now-a-days. Cutting yourself off from further education is the quitter's way of seeing things anyway. With many colleges growing, and university systems raising the online options, a busy professional who's dedicated and cunning can use these new tools to get that Ph. D. degree. In this way they can also make themselves better equipped to fill positions, and to expand their horizons.

Individuals who earn Ph.Ds in business may have many career opportunities, as the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that they may be eligible for executive positions at companies or teaching jobs at universities. With that in mind, start your research on doctorate degree programs online today. There is certainly a college or university that will accommodate your education preference.

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