Friday, October 28, 2011

Bacteria, Shared Pairs, Quantum Theory, and the Future of Bio-Inspired Thought Swapping

There have been some noted experiments in Africa with tribes who went hunting, and the rest of the tribe was back at their encampment, and they knew just when to start the fire to get it good and hot, and prepared and ready to cook the meat which would be brought back from some 35 miles away by the hunters which were tracking the herd after several days. Now then how did they know when to start the fire? Apparently the researchers who were observing this, noted that the tribe; just knew. Okay so, let's talk about this for second shall we.

Is it possible that since they ate the same food, and had the same bacteria in their bio-systems, and they also slept together very closely, that they were all on the same wavelength, and using the same brainwaves. Now then, since the human brain is an electromagnetic device, albeit an organic one, is it possible that they were using some kind of thought swapping communication? Theoretically this could be possible under quantum theory and the idea of shared pairs. The bacteria could respond a certain way based on the excitement of the kill of the hunters in the bodies of those doing the hunting.

This would trigger a neuron response in the guts of those back at the encampment of the same tribe, triggering that same brainwave. In other words, they were communicating vast distances using thought, and they were enabled by the bacteria in their system - perhaps, due to the fact that they had evolved over 1000s of years to do this, using that symbiotic bacterial relationship.

Although this seems like a paranormal type activity, it could easily be explained away by science, and therefore, we should be considering this rather than trying to dismiss this incident - especially considering that stories of other human tribes and other parts of the planet confirm this ability.

Lastly, shouldn't we understand how this works, and try to mimic this ability in modern day humans, perhaps we have lost the ability to do this over the last few thousand years, because it is not needed. It is doubtful we will find this skill again if we don't figure out how it works now due to the fact that we have cell phone technology, and instant communication through text messaging and social networks.

If we want to promote "thought swapping" future technologies with a new type of social networks interfacing with the human bio-system using computer chips, then we need to look for clues in these other human tribes, and then borrow these strategies to propel us forward. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.

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